Northern Lights

Most Importantly – The True Costs:

We are keen to be as transparent as possible with our Rallies as they are not a ‘cheap break’. Below is an itemised list of the other costs involved:

Registration – £495

The Car – From £250 plus pimping

Insurance – Approx £35 per person based on specific Banger Rally insurance

European breakdown cover – Optional (but recommended at approx. £30)

Crossing the Channel
Ferries are typically available for approx. £50,
Channel tunnel £55.

Please see our recommendations below, and indeed our Packages which include all hotels plus the two main ferries.
The destinations on this route attract unavoidable higher hotel prices, often due to their more remote locations, and as a result will cost approx £50 per person per night.

Hirtshals (Denmark) to Larvik (Norway) Ferry
A one way trip on this ferry will cost between £95 with two passengers and £140 with six.

Fuel costs – This will vary wildly depending on your chosen vehicle but 1865 miles at an average 40mpg = 47 gallons/ 210 litres
As of June 2017:
France/Netherlands (250 miles)
Diesel is €1.22/l = €34 or £30
Petrol is €1.36/l = €38 or £33
Denmark (600 miles)
Diesel is €1.58/l = €107 or £94
Petrol is €1.32/l = €89 or £78
Norway (1040 miles)
Diesel is €1.70/l = €199 or £174
Petrol is €1.57/l = €184 or £161
Diesel = €340 or £298
Petrol = €311 or £272

Tolls – there are a number of tolls on this route particularly in Norway where the use of bridges and short ferries are required. You will be looking at around £150 in total for tolls.

Flights home
Flights are available back to most UK Cities from Bodo and Trodheim, starting as low as £60 per person.

What does all this mean then?

For a team of 2: Costs approx. £1070 per person (excluding food and drink)
For a team of 4: Costs approx. £740 per person (excluding food and drink)
For a team of 6: Costs approx. £625 per person (excluding food and drink)

Hotel Recommendations

As in 2017 we will be offering our Hotel & Ferry package which will include a hotel in each of the 6 stopovers, based on the highlighted hotels below, as well as the ferry across the Channel and the ferry between Denmark and Norway. Details for 2019 will be published in due course.

For reference, 2017 Costs for the Hotel & Ferry Package were as follows;

Team of two: £825 (£412.50 per person)
Team of Four: £1520 (£380 per person)
Team of six: £2195 (£365 per person)

*Team of Three: Many hotels do not offer triple rooms so you should base costs on a team of four. We will of course do our best to find savings where we can.

If you are happy to do things on your own here is a list of hotels in each destination. The highlighted hotel in each case is where we will be staying along with those who book the package, but you can of course stay wherever you wish, on the list or not.


***citizenM Amsterdam;

Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Amstel;

Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver; Amsterdam

Qbic Hotel WTC Amsterdam;


***Holms Motel;

Trudvang Gjestegaard;

Quality Hotel Grand Farris;


***Innvik Fjordhotell;

Sande Camping;


***City Living Schøller Hotel;

P-Hotels Brattøra;

Nidaros Pilegrimsgård;

Nova Hotell Kurs & Konferanse;


***Hotel Svartisen;

Toranes Overnatting;

Babettes Hotell;

Comfort Hotel Ole Tobias;


***Scandic Bodø;

Bodø Hostel & Motel;

Scandic Havet;

Finding a Car

There are literally hundreds of cars out there within budget, many coming with MOT for the Rally! Try the following website links, or check your local garages for trade in’s and local auctions. We will be publishing good deals on Twitter and Facebook as departure day approaches…

Fuel Costs

Banger Rally Insurance

Our friends at Herts can provide insurance specific for Banger Rallies…

European Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover is optional but recommended as there will be no mechanical support available. We will not leave you stranded but may not be able to assist with your car. This is of course your responsibility to dispose of legally.

Getting across the Channel



European Driving

Hirtshals to Larvik Ferry:


We strongly encourage fundraising and are currently affiliated with the following Charities. You can of course raise money for any Charity of your choice. You can use, an easy way to manage your donations/sponsors.

Getting Home:

You can of course drive but most likely you’ll want to fly!

Check as many destinations are available.