The Journey home from the Banger Rally Finish line

Banger Rally Awards Ceremony

Monti Carlo is just Monti Carlo, amazing as always, I popped over there to absorb and check timings, all good. Then onto the finishing line.

Spoke to some great venues in Nice yesterday for the awards ceremony venue yesterday. Kay was really helpful for this, we discussed some Beach BBQ options and I now have the wonderful dilemma of too many great options for the Banger Rally Finish Line Party.

Also sorted more options for Rally Car disposal scrapping options, which will  be available in the information pack when you register for the Rally.

Monster Drive back home via the some Banger Rally stops, I couldn’t get to Val D’Isere on the way down as the snow was crazy. Managed to get there on the way back up. a 950 mile drive in total to get back.