Banger Rally Rules


We are all in it to have fun, to take on the challenge and have a unique adventure, but there are still a few rules. Some are in place as it is the law, whilst others are specific to your Rally.

***Regardless of which of our Rallies you choose the Rules remain the same.***

1. The Teams

Teams must be a minimum of 2 drivers for safety reasons, as well as the fact that you’ll have a far better trip sharing the experience in the car!

We recommend a maximum of 4 people and this is what your registration fee allows, although a fifth team member can be added in all of our events for an additional £50.

It is essential that even if you are travelling as a group of ‘multiple teams’ all challenges are completed as  individual teams. Working together is NOT permitted.

2. General behaviour

There will be fun and laughs along the way but please treat people and their property with respect.

Anti-social behavior will not be tolerated. Please remember that you are representing the rally, the company, multiple charities and everyone taking part.

This basically means, have a great time, do not damage hotel property, other people’s property and deface other competitor’s cars.

3. The Car

Your challenge is to choose a car which is as old and powerless as you are willing to risk! You can therefore spend whatever you choose.
Your risk will be rewarded as follows, potentially giving you a head start on the leader board;

Year of Registration
1983 – 1987 (Reg. A – E) = 200 pts
1988 – 1992 (Reg. F – K) = 125 pts
1993 – 1999 (Reg. L – V) = 50 pts
2000 – 2003 (Reg. W – 53) = 0 pts
Cars registered in 2003 or later cannot be used if teams wish to compete for the prize money.

Engine Size (cc)
1000 or less = 200 pts
1001 – 1300 = 125 pts
1301 – 1600 = 50 pts
1601 – 2199* = 0 pts
Cars with an engine size greater than 2200 cannot be used if teams wish to complete for the prize money.
*Cars up to 2500cc can be used for Northern Lights (0 points)

As an example, should you choose a 1200cc, G registered car you would be awarded 150 + 125 = 275 pts.

The car must be roadworthy and any modifications MUST BE LEGAL.

4. Themes

We expect ALL teams to decorate their banger and embrace fancy dress! This is a huge part of fun and in keeping with the spirit of the rally. Whether you just put your team name on the car or go to town pimping your ride. Just be as original as you can. Remember though, there will be a cash prize for the best decorated car so it is worth your while!

Pretty much anything goes, but be aware of the following themes. This is not to say they are banned, just be careful!

  • Politics.
  • Police Themes – particularly flashing lights
  • Replica Weapons
  • Sexual Themes
  • The Vandalised look
  • Protruding Attachments – making any such addition removable would help

5. Documentation

At registration we will need to see the following:

  • Passport
  • A valid driver’s licence for all drivers
  • Car registration certificate (V5) for the vehicle
  • A valid MOT certificate
  • Insurance certificate showing ALL drivers and European cover (see Useful Information page for a specialist Insurer for this type of event)

6. Safety Equipment

To comply with EU law, in the vehicle you must also be carrying the following:

  • A warning triangle
  • At least one fluorescent jacket
  • A spare bulbs kit

And the following are recommended:

  • 2 x Breathalysers (disposable)
  • A Fire Extinguisher
  • A First Aid Kit

Please check out the following website for up to date information.

7. Drive safely

The Rally will take place on public roads and all participants are advised to drive safely and to obey the rules and regulations of the particular country you’re in at all times. Drive according to the law and within your own limits and the limits of your car. Respect other road users.

  • No RacingThis event is categorically NOT A RACE. The Rally is a tour where there are no prizes for being the first to finish a stage.
  • No Bumping – These cars may be described as ‘bangers’ which may well be scrapped at the end, but purposely bumping into other teams cars, whether driving or parked, is strictly prohibited. This is not only against the law and dangerous but also not in the spirit of the Rally and may jeopardise another teams successful completion.

8. Alcohol

There will of course be some serious partying in the evenings but all teams must have at least one driver under the legal limit, as per each individual country’s laws, at the start of each day. Drivers may be breathalysed and teams with no driver under the legal limit will not be allowed to set off until one team member is.

9. Disposing of your Car

However you chose to get rid of your car, scrapping it, selling it or giving it away, disposal is entirely your responsibility and must be done legally and with the correct documentation. This is also the case if the car doesn’t make the finish line. On no account should the vehicle be left in any street, car park or private land. If the organisers are approached regarding such a situation, then we will not hesitate to pass on the details of the team and team members to the authorities in question.

We provide details of several local scrapyards and have contacts in some destinations who may be able to help.

It should be reiterated that it is not possible to import cars into Morocco or Turkey so alternative arrangements for scrapping are to be made for these events, in Gibraltar/Spain and Greece respectively.

10. Other

Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By registering to participate, all team members agree to a legally binding agreement to accept the rules and the terms and conditions, as well as to a disclaimer which will indemnify the organisers of any legal recourse.

Any team found to be breaking the rules may be disqualified.

The decision of Boom Banger Rally staff is final.

If you have any queries regarding the rules or terms and conditions then please contact us.