Turkish Delight

The Route

Registration Day

Home to Reims

(165 miles, 2hrs 30mins from Calais)

Registration is in Reims, a picturesque town in the Champagne Region and the home of the original French Grand Prix. The Rally will start early on Sunday morning so in order to complete the necessary registration and get on the starting grid on time, you need to get across The Channel on Saturday. It’s a simple 2.5 hour drive from Calais and is a lot more interesting than Calais and a car park at the Ferry Terminal! For those who can get there early it’ll be your first opportunity to meet your fellow Ralliers and to check out the competition!

Day 1

Reims to Zurich

(569km, 5hrs 43mins)

After walking the grid and grabbing some snaps of the grandstand start, Day 1 takes us into Switzerland and straight to the foothills of the Alps, to the beautiful lakeside city of Zurich.
We’ll share a story or two over a beer or two, with the Lake as our stunning backdrop.

Day 2

Zurich to Salo, Lake Garda (via Stelvio Pass)

(474km, 8hrs 1mins)

A Boom Banger Rally would not be complete without a Mountain driving day and some would argue that you can’t get better than this – The Stelvio Pass, with more than 50 hairpins, stunning scenery and breath taking views. This will certainly test your banger, driving skills and maybe even your nerve to the limit! You will be rewarded however when you can dip your feet into amazing Lake Garda at the end of the day!

Day 3

Salo, Lake Garda to Trieste (via Venice)

(359km, 3hrs 47mins)

A relatively short driving day today allowing for an extended stop in one of Europe’s most romantic cities, Venice. One thing’s for sure, you will see EVERYTHING the city has to offer before getting back on the road to today’s final destination, Trieste.

Day 4

Trieste to Dubrovnik

(677km, 41hrs)

Yet another stunning destination today, Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. On route we will pass briefly through Slovenia, all 34 miles of it’s entire coastline, Montenegro, and later in the day even put in a cameo appearance in Bosnia & Herzegovina! It’s a Country collectors dream!

Day 5

Dubrovnik to Sarande

(516km, 8hrs 14mins)

If you thought you were exotic (or crazy?) yesterday, today we head into Albania! Who knows anyone who’s been there?! The country actually has many hidden gems, not least our party stop on the beach at the end of the day, Sarande.

Day 6

Sarande to Thessaloniki

(434km, 5hrs 11mins)

Into Greece today and the well known holiday area of Thessaloniki. It would be rude not to enjoy what it’s famous for, more sand, more sunshine and probably an Ouzo or two? Yamas!
***As in 2016, should the decision be made to re-route to Athens, Thessaloniki will be omitted and Day 6 will be the final day of the rally. There are numerous scrap yards in Athens where you can dispose of your cars… if you can bare to part with them after all this!***

Day 7

Thessaloniki to Istanbul

(595km, 6hrs 59mins)

At last we arrive into Turkey, our tenth Country of the Rally (even if we cheat a little bit?!), and to Istanbul where we can officially claim the bragging rights of getting a banger to Asia! Known as the crossroads of civilisation, what a delight indeed…

*Once again as we strive to be more exotic we are surprisingly faced with diplomatic issues. You may think the Turks would jump at the chance of taking your Rover 200 Series off your hands on arrival but sadly this isn’t the case! It is not possible to import cars into Turkey, so all Teams driving in MUST drive back out to dispose of them. We recommend you do this in Thessaloniki from where there are also regular flights back to the UK.