Marrakech Express

The Route

Registration Day

Home to Reims

(165 miles, 2hrs 30mins from Calais)

Registration is in Reims, a picturesque town in the Champagne Region and the home of the original French Grand Prix. The Rally starts early on Sunday morning so in order to complete the necessary registration and get on the starting grid on time, you need to get across The Channel on Saturday. It’s a simple 2.5 hour drive from Calais and is a lot more interesting than a car park at the Ferry Terminal! Being a Saturday you will have plenty of time for a leisurely drive and for those who can get there early it’ll be your first opportunity to meet your fellow Ralliers and to check out the competition!

Day 1

Reims to Millau

(525miles, 7hrs 20mins)

There is a bit of a drive today so it’s an early start. There’ll still be more than enough time to have a wander round the grandstand grid, meeting your fellow Ralliers and grabbing some photos! You will also pick up your all important daily challenge. We need to make some distance but will still have the pleasure of driving through the stunning scenery of the French wine lands. We end the day in the beautiful town of Millau in the shadow of the famous Viaduct where we will have our first party and share some of the day’s stories.

Day 2

Millau to Barcelona

(390 miles, 7 hrs)

Today is action packed! We continue to enjoy the amazing scenery as we leave the National Park rich area of Millau before we then take on the Pyrenees! There’ll be mountain passes and breath-taking views as we head to tax haven Andorra. This will test your car, driving skills and your nerve to the limit, but we’re not finished yet, there’s then the small matter of ending the day in Barcelona!

Day 3

Barcelona to Alicante

(340miles, 5hrs)

A later start today to make sure we have some time to explore the sights of one of Europe’s great cities. Have breakfast on Las Ramblas and maybe grab a photo of your guadi banger in front of Guadi’s Cathedral, before it’s onwards south once more. It’s then a leisurely drive down the coast passing through a number of Spain’s famous, or more appropriately infamous Costas before we settle for a Cerveza in the marina in Alicante.

Day 4

Alicante to Gibraltar

(375 miles, 5hrs 40mins)

We head for our home from home today – Gibraltar. We should have plenty of time here so feel free to climb the Rock and monkey around with the locals! There is a very early start to get the ferry in the morning so go a little easy on the popular John Collins!

Day 5

Gibraltar to Marrakech

(360miles, 5hrs 30mins)

The day of Destiny! After negotiating the car ferry you will be in AFRICA!!! The sights, smells and sounds will take over your senses as you hit the road to our final destination – exotic Marrakech! It is such an amazing city and we will have the best awards ceremony and closing party ever! Being Thursday you may choose to spend the weekend in Marrakech to enjoy all it has to offer.

As it is not possible to import cars over 5 years old into Morocco you MUST drive your car back out of the Country to dispose of it. We have contacts in Gib who can assist, or you can make your own arrangements wherever you choose to fly home from. You may even decide to drive all the way home?! You may laugh but many of our teams have done so before! In the past we have offered the option of scrapping in Gib before continuing to Marrakech on an organised minibus, but this depends on demand and should you choose this option you cannot compete for the prize money.