Benelux Blitz

The Route

Registration Day:

Thursday 12th July 2018

Home to Bruges

(70 miles, 1hr 20mins from Calais)

Registration takes place in Bruges. The Rally will start early on Friday morning so in order to make the starting grid for your first day of excitement, as well as complete the necessary registration, you need to cross The Channel on Thursday. It’s a 1hr 20min drive from Calais (70 miles), or even quicker at 50mins from Dunkirk (45 miles).

We’ll be there from 8pm til 11pm to meet you, and for those who can get there early it’ll be your first opportunity to meet your fellow ralliers and to check out the competition!

Day 1: Friday 13th July 2018

Bruges to Nurburgring (via Luxembourg)

(285miles, 4hrs 40mins)

We’ll make an early start today allowing plenty of time to walk around the starting grid to meet your fellow ralliers, and to grab some photos. Starting in beautiful Bruges we head South to claim the ‘Lux’ in Benelux before ending the day at the famous Nurburgring! Dates have been carefully chosen to give those who’d like to drive the track the best chance to do so.

Day 2: Saturday 14th July 2018

Nurburgring to Dortmund (Via Sinsheim Museum & Mohnesee Dam)

(445miles, 7hrs 25mins)

First stop today is the outstanding Sinsheim Museum. Unfortunately, unlike on our other routes, this region isn’t renowned for it’s high mountain passes but it certainly offers stunning scenery as we head to Mohnesee, and one of the dams destroyed by the Dambusters.  The day ends in lively Dortmund where a few stories will be shared over ‘ein beer’ or two!

Day 3: Sunday 15th July 2018

Dortmund to Amsterdam

(150miles, 3hrs)

A relatively short day today via Arnhem to Amsterdam, what better city to host our closing party and awards ceremony? Before you relax though, there may just be one twist which could make all the difference…