Road Tax

There is some uncertainty regarding the need for UK Road Tax when driving abroad:

“Cars driven abroad need to be legal in their country of origin, and that includes keeping up the UK tax”.
“The Convention on Road Traffic 1949, and Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) Order 1975, permit the use of foreign vehicles temporarily in the UK exempt from Excise Duty providing duty has been paid in their home state.
There will be a similar arrangement in other countries in relation to UK vehicles temporarily in their country.
As to whether enforcement takes place is another question but some of these countries I believe have savage methods of
dealing with offenders”.
“Legal status has nothing to do with tax”.
No definitive answer is available on the DVLA website.
The safest option is to ensure your car is taxed. This also solves any issues with SORN.
Many or our daily suggested cars have Tax throughout the rally but even if you require it, remember it can be refunded. In the worst case scenario you will only ever have to pay for 2 months tax (August and September) which will equate to approximately £25! Very cheap for piece of mind, especially between 4 of you?!
Don’t forget to bring the Tax Disc home with you 😉
Road Tax