There are always the obligatory 20 questions so here are the answers to the most likely on your list…

20. What is a Banger Rally?

A Banger Rally is an organised event bringing together people from all walks of life, sharing a common spirit of adventure, to drive clapped out old cars across Europe and beyond. Cars in Boom Banger Rallies should be the oldest and most powerless you are prepared to risk and will be decorated in all manner of ways, mainly to cover up the cracks! These steeds will be tested to the limit, as will your sanity, taking in some of Europe’s best scenic roads, finest cities, historic race tracks, and stunning beaches. There’ll be driving by day and guaranteed partying by night! It is important to say that this is not a package holiday, it is a real challenge in which you receive little support and no guarantees of making the finish. We can however guarantee fun, friends and adventure and as always the more you put in the more you get out.

Is it legal?

YES!!! There are however rules to abide by (see Rules page) and certain documentation which needs to be in place (see 7 below). By registering, all team members sign up to a legally binding agreement to accept all the rules and terms and conditions, and a disclaimer which will indemnify the organisers of any legal recourse. This is standard practice on all Banger Rallies. The decision of Boom Banger Rally staff is final.

19. Why choose Boom Banger Rallies over the other rally companies out there?

First of all see the pictures from any of our previous events in our Gallery – they say it all!

We are a team of intrepid adventurers having travelled the world extensively, served in the military, participated in expeditions which include trekking to The North Pole and to Mount Everest Base Camp, and most importantly are veterans of Banger Rallies! This includes the ‘MongolRally’ where a 21 year old 1L Fiat Panda was driven more than 8000 miles from London to Ulaan Bataar, the capital of Mongolia.

Our ambition is to fill the gap between the numerous European jaunts and the more challenging, longer expeditions out there. We aim to take you to more exotic, and more challenging destinations whilst keeping the costs and duration sensible.

We are now into our sixth year, and have 5 established routes to appeal to a wide audience. We believe we’ve now got the perfect blend of driving hours, places visited, fun and interesting challenges for all, not to mention the best parties, as well as offering the best value out there with the biggest prizes!

18. What are the rules?

Obey all the rules.

Can I be disqualified?

YES!!! The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any team at any time without notice during a rally, for breaking the rules or behaviour that causes or is likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property.

17. What sort of people take part?

Literally all sorts! Our Rallies are suitable for anyone and everyone. You just need a sense of adventure and a sense of humour! These events are perfect for groups of friends, stag and hen parties, reunions and fundraisers to name but a few!

To date we’ve had an 18 year old who passed his driving test 9 days before rallying, and a gentleman who enjoyed his 65th Birthday with us in Barcelona, complete with a Boom cake!

I’m not from the UK, can I still come on the rally?

YES!!! We welcome entrants from all over the World. Of course the teams are predominantly British but we have had teams from France and Sweden on our rallies. It will however be an English speaking rally and you will be responsible for any visa’s you will need to travel in the countries visited. You’ll need to check this with your local Embassy as the rules are applied differently for each country. EU passport holders should NOT require any visas but please check before you leave if you’re unsure.

16. When and where do we go?

All participants must register before midnight the day before, at the start point of your chosen Rally , where you’ll have the first opportunity to meet your fellow ralliers and get the boring but necessary paperwork sorted out. The venues and necessary timings will be released in your information pack approx. 4 weeks before the Rally.

If you are not driving home (???) we suggest you organise flights for the day after the Rally finishes giving you time to tie up the loose ends and of course recover from the post rally party!

Benelux blitz

Registration Day: Thursday 12th July 2018, Bruges
Rally departs on Friday 13th July and runs to Sunday 15th July 2018.

Another short European jaunt takes you through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherlands.

Key points of interest are Bruges, Luxembourg City, Nurburgring, Sinsheim Museum, Mohnesee Dam, Dortmund, Arnhem and Amsterdam

Cosmopolitan Classic

Registration Day: Thursday 23rd August 2018, Le Mans
Rally departs on Friday 24th August and runs to Sunday 26th August 2018.

Our flagship European Rally takes you through France, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco.

Key points of interest are Le Mans, Paris, Baune – capital of the Burgundy region, Grand St Bernhard’s Pass amongst many others, Val D’Isere, Col de Tende Pass, Monte Carlo and Nice. The name Cosmopolitan Classic wasn’t really hard to come up with after all that!

Northern Lights

Registration Day: Saturday 5th October 2019, Amsterdam
Rally departs on Sunday 6th and runs to Thursday 10th October 2019.

Perhaps our biggest challenge of all to the Arctic Circle! Key points of interest include Geirangerfjorden, Trollstigen and the Atlantic Ocean Road, mountains, glaciers and the the ocean. Not to mention Aurora Borealis!

Marrakech Express

This African adventure covers France, Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco – 5 countries in 5 days.

Key points of interest: Reims, Millau Viaduct, The Pyrenees, Andorra, Barcelona, Spanish Costas, Gibraltar, Marrakech, AFRICA

This route is not running in 2018.

Turkish Delight

The Asian element of Boom Banger Rally’s World domination travels through France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece and Turkey, plus a couple of cameo appearances in both Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina – 10 countries in 7 days!

Key points of interest: Reims, Lake Zurich, Stelvio Pass, Lake Garda, Venice, Dubrovnik, Albania, Thessaloniki, Istanbul – ASIA

This route is not running in 2018.


15. How much will it all cost?

The registration fee is per car regardless of the number of team members. Teams must be a minimum of 2 drivers for safety reasons, as well as the fact that you’ll have a far better trip sharing the experience in the car!

We recommend a maximum of 4 people, although a fifth driver can be added for an additional £50.

Benelux Blitz: £295

Northern Lights: £495

Cosmopolitan Classic: £295

Marrakech Express: £395

Turkish Delight: £445

See the Entry & Prizes page now for several ways to save!

Do I need to pay as soon as I sign up?

You must at least pay the non refundable deposit of £100 to secure your place, but unless you pay the full cost in one go you will not be able to take advantage of any of the discounts. Should you choose to only pay the deposit, full payment must be made 12 weeks before the event.

There is no official closing date but we expect the rally to fill up very quickly so please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Other costs include:

  • The Car
  • Insurance
  • European breakdown cover – Optional
  • Crossing the Channel: Choose the Ferry or use the Channel Tunnel.
  • Fuel
  • Road Tolls
  • Food and drink
  • Accommodation – This varies a lot due to personal preference but you will stay in a very good standard of hotel for £25 – 40 per person per night.
  • Flights back to UK

***See Useful Information for up to date costs specific to your chosen Rally***

How can I pay?

Our preferred payment method is via PayPal. If there are any issues with this please contact us at [email protected] or call 07773 398 496 any time and we can make alternative arrangements.

14. What does the entrance fee go towards?

The entrance fee covers a number of aspects, some of which are:

  • Researching and Organising the event & route, including a comprehensive recce
  • Website Design and Management
  • Welcome packs with maps, routes and challenges
  • Exclusive Boom Banger Rally T-Shirt
  • Administration & Running of the event
  • Get together at the end of the event with limited soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Prize Money & Trophies

13. What about cancellations?

Please be sure before you register. Once you have registered and paid your £100 deposit, if you change your mind or if you are unable to make the event for any reason this will not be refunded. When the full balance is paid refunds will be paid as follows:

90 or more days before the event = Full refund minus £100 deposit

Up to 89 days before the event = No Refund

However you can change any team member’s names participating in the Rally up to a week before the event.

12. Do I have to raise money for charity?

No, that is entirely up to you. It is not a requirement, but we do hugely encourage it. To date our teams have raised in excess of £85,000 for various charities!

11. Do we need to have the car before we register?

Not at all. Buying your banger is all part of the fun and indeed the challenge as you need to choose it carefully to give yourself the best chance of making it to the finish line.

All we need is to see the V5 at registration day. You can therefore leave it as late as you like, just make sure there’s enough time for the DVLA to process the paperwork and for you to get all other documents in place. Just as important is pimping time!

10. What about the Banger?

The car should be the oldest and most powerless you are prepared to trust, there is no longer a maximum value! The greater the risk, as is often the case, the greater the reward;

Year of Registration
1983 – 1987 (Reg. A – E) = 200 pts
1988 – 1992 (Reg. F – K) = 125 pts
1993 – 1997 (Reg. L – V) = 50 pts
2000 – 2003 (Reg. W – 53) = 0 pts
Cars registered in 2003 or later cannot be used if teams wish to compete for the prize money.

Engine Size (cc)
1000 or less = 200 pts
1001 – 1300 = 125 pts
1301 – 1600 = 50 pts
1601 – 2199* = 0 pts
Cars with an engine size greater than 2200 cannot be used if teams wish to compete for the prize money.
*Cars up to 2500cc can be used for Northern Lights (0 points)

As an example, should you choose a 1200cc, G registered car you would be awarded 150 + 125 = 275 pts.

Where can I find a car?

There are literally hundreds of cars out there! Try Ebay, Gumtree and Autotrader with refined searches, our useful information page may be of help. Alternatively try local garages for cars taken in part exchange, auctions or scrap yards (if you know your big end from your spark plugs). It would be an advantage if your chosen steed has MOT for the duration of the rally.

Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter where we will regularly publish good deals!

Can I modify my car?

The vehicle’s safety and legality mustn’t be compromised in any way and any modifications MUST BE LEGAL.

9. How do we decorate our banger?

We really encourage ALL teams to decorate their banger and embrace fancy dress! This is a huge part of fun and in keeping with the spirit of the rally. Some simply just put their team name on the car whilst others will go to town with pimping their ride. Just be as original as you can. Remember though, there will be a cash prize for the best decorated car so it is worth your while!

Don’t forget, team fancy dress also goes down a treat!

Pretty much anything goes, but be aware of the following themes. This is not to say they are banned, just be careful!

  • Politics.
  • Police Themes – particularly flashing lights
  • Replica Weapons
  • Sexual Themes
  • The Vandalised look
  • Protruding Attachments – making any such addition removable would help

The only limitation is your imagination!

8. What if I breakdown, will the organisers provide support?

Firstly, you can rest assured that the vast majority of cars will make it, you just might have to keep your fingers crossed that one of them is yours! The Boom team may be able to provide minimal mechanical support, BUT we do NOT carry parts. Strictly speaking the events are unsupported, but you can rest assured that we will not leave you completely in the lurch! We highly recommend you get European breakdown cover (see Useful Information page for suggested options) but failing that you will be given contact numbers and will almost certainly have the support of your fellow ralliers.

Support will be there but this will be kept to a minimum allowing you to experience the challenge but without leaving you stranded.

7. What documentation do we need to bring?

At registration we will need to see the following:

  • Passport
  • A valid driver’s licence for all drivers
  • Car registration certificate (V5) for the vehicle
  • A valid MOT certificate
  • Banger Rally Insurance certificate showing ALL drivers and European cover (see Useful Information page for a specialist Insurer for this type of event)

Without these documents and things in place you may be refused entry to the rally.

You must also be carrying a warning triangle, at least one fluorescent jacket, and a spare bulbs kit to comply with EU law.

In addition we recommend you also have 2 x disposable breathalysers, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

Please check out the following site for up to date information.


6. What else should we take with us?

As little or as much as you like, but remember it’s got to fit in the car, and in the worst case scenario it might have to fit into someone else’s!

The only items you NEED are

  • Mobile Phone
  • Digital Camera for challenges (including all leads)
  • Sat Nav updated for Europe
  • Road Map

5. How much driving is there each day?

The routes are designed so that the driving in any one day is no more than approx. 7 hours.

It is no fun spending all day in the car so driving days will be sensible, and will be broken up by stops in interesting places to complete various challenges adding extra fun to the whole event, whilst still ensuring you get to the meeting point with plenty of time to relax and party!

Our Rallies utilise all types of road. You could actually do much of the driving without going on the motorways and avoid tolls completely but there is a balance needed between the time you save and the extra cost. The rallies are specifically designed for you to get a feel for the countries you are travelling through during which time you will experience the most spectacular scenery in Europe.

4. Eating, Drinking and Getting your head down?

This is all up to you which gives you maximum flexibility. We will be recommend several options for accommodation at each stop, some with negotiated discounts, but you can stay wherever you like, sleep in the car, stay in 5 Star luxury or anything in between! The only advantage of using one of the suggested places is it keeps everyone close together. There will be food and drinks available at the meeting point each evening, again some with freebies and discount offers.

Recommendations covering all budgets will be provided on the Useful Info pages and also published in the pre Rally information pack which you will receive 4 weeks before departure.

We now offer Hotel & Ferry Packages for all of our events.

We STRONGLY recommend arranging all of your accommodation before we travel.

Our daily directions will take you to the agreed meeting point for each evening, we will plot all the suggested hotels on one map and highlight where they are in relation to the meeting point. If you choose to stay elsewhere you should ensure that you have maps and directions to locate us!

3. What do the challenges involve and do I have to do them?

The challenges are top secret and will only be released each the morning of your rally. They will however add a lot of fun to your experience, enable you to see and do more along the way and break up the driving.

The challenges are not compulsory but they are a great addition to the rally, and perhaps more importantly are the only way you have a chance of bagging the prize money! If you want to drive in your own time visiting other places along the way and meet up with us in the evening that is absolutely fine.

2. Prizes

Each day there will be a challenge set and for every challenge you complete you will receive a number of points. The team with the highest points total at the end of the rally will win. There is also a prize for the best designed/decorated/themed car and team.

Northern Lights

  • 1st prize – £600 + Trophy & Medals
  • 2nd prize – £450 + Trophy & Medals
  • 3rd prize – £300 + Trophy & Medals
  • Best decorated car & team – £100

Marrakech Express & Turkish Delight

  • 1st prize – £500 + Trophy & Medals
  • 2nd prize – £350 + Trophy & Medals
  • 3rd prize – £250 + Trophy & Medals
  • Best decorated car & team – £100

Benelux Blitz & Cosmopolitan Classic

  • 1st prize – £400 + Trophy & Medals
  • 2nd prize – £300 + Trophy & Medals
  • 3rd prize – £200 + Trophy & Medals
  • Best decorated car & team – £100

Part of the closing party will include the presentation to the various winners!

1. What happens at the end of the rally?

Once again it’s up to you. The two main options are driving back or flying back (see Useful Information for some suggested airlines). The majority of ralliers will fly back, in which case you can:

Scrap the car –  Information regarding scrapping will be provided in the pre-rally information  along with a list of local scrap yards.

Sell it – you may even make a profit!

Give it away – documentation must still be handled correctly.

We have contacts at the end of the rally who can help with ALL cars, whilst we can also provide details of several local scrapyards for those who wish to do it themselves.


If you’re taking part in The Marrakech Express, it is not possible to import your car (over 5 years old) into the Country. Depending on numbers there may be an option to scrap in Gibraltar before entering Morocco and get a coach for the final leg, however we encourage all teams to drive all the way and the majority do. You MUST drive the car back out of the Country to dispose of it and we have contacts in Gibraltar and la Linea to help with this. In the past we have offered the option to scrap in Gib before continuing to Marrakech on an organised minibus, but this depends on demand and should you choose this option you cannot compete for the prize money.

If you’re taking part in Turkish Delight, it is not possible to import your car into Turkey either. You must in this case drive back out to dispose of it. We recommend this is done in Thessaloniki from where there are also regular flights back to the UK.

Regardless of your decision, disposal is entirely your responsibility. This is also the case if the car doesn’t make the finish line. On no account should the vehicle be left in any street, car park or private land. If the organisers are approached regarding such a situation, then we will not hesitate to pass on the details of the team and team members to the authorities in question.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]