Banger Rally Teams

The Cosmopolitan Classic Hall of Fame


1st: It’s Not What It Looks Like!
2nd: Jungle Fever
3rd: Yellow Peril
Best Banger: It’s Not What It Looks Like!






1st: Norfolk & Goode
2nd: Let’s Go Lego
3rd: Wrexham 150
Best Banger: May the Force be with You!






1st: Lightening McQueen
2nd: Lannisters
Joint 3rd: The Swank
Joint 3rd: BangerBoys
Best Banger: Thunderturds





The Cosmopolitan Classic 2018

Team Name Team Leader Team Members Home Town Banger
TBC Alan O’Neill Kenton Wheeler TBC TBC
DC Knights Dean Weaver  Colin Stanley

David Powers

Walsall Ford Escort 1.3l
Dogs Bollocks Roger Doswell Andy Stiff Caterham Volvo V40 Estate
TBC Louis Vanassche Micah Knight

Chris Barker

Dale O’Connell

Isle of Wight TBC