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The Journey home from the Banger Rally Finish line

Banger Rally Awards Ceremony Monti Carlo is just Monti Carlo, amazing as always, I popped over there to absorb and check timings, all good. Then onto the finishing line. Spoke to some great venues in Nice yesterday for the awards ceremony venue yesterday. Kay was really helpful for this, we discussed some Beach BBQ options […]

Paris | Banger Rally Recce

Paris Rally Misson Sorted Long day has been very fruitful, I wanted to double check timings of Paris Banger Rally Missions to see how they worked, I ran it today at the same  time I have set for the entrants. A tiny adjustment was needed to make sure that the Banger Ralliers would be on a good […]

Rouen to Le Man | Banger Rally Day One

Banger Rally Day 1 Recce I got into the Banger Rally starting town of Rouen  REALLY late last night. It’s all worth it though, I have been talking to Steve at Highlands Cafe Rouen, he has been really helpful , we’ve sorted out a drinks deal for the Banger Rally Registration Day. Rouen couldn’t be more perfect […]

Banger Rally Route Recce

A Rally recce Fine tuning a few of the places along the route over the next few days. I’m on my way to Dover to get a ferry. My ferry arrives Calais at 2.30am, then a drive to Rouen. It’s a slog but I want to make sure that all the details are spot on. […]