Boom: The Only Option

If you’re still trying to decide between all the fantastic Rallies out there, be aware that many of them have got early registration deadlines, whilst some have already been done, and others are only a couple of weeks away meaning it’s not impossible but it is tight to get everything in place.

We’d like to remind you that there is still more than 9 weeks to go until The Cosmopolitan Classic with NO REGISTRATION DEADLINE!

That added to the fact that we currently have a discounted registration fee at £150 per team AND have the best prizes of all! £1000 first prize!

Here is a summary of the next couple of months:

The Great Rally, 27th – 28th April

Barcelona Bangers, 24th – 26th May

Sugar Lips, 4th – 8th June: 

The Crumball Rally – Italian Job, 7th – 9th June: 

Wacky Rally, 5th – 8th July: 1 week to go, £365 registration, 1st £1000, 2nd £500, 3rd £250, 4th £100

Monte Carlo or Bust, 12th – 14th July: £250 registration, Trophies and “Cash Prizes” SOLD OUT

The Crumball Rally – Mission Impossible, 19th– 21st July: 3 weeks to go, £395 registration, No Prizes

The Great Rally, 20th – 27th July: 3 weeks to go, £589 registration, prizes

Sucata Rallies – Split, 25th – 29th July: Deadline 7th June Missed? £250 + £1250 Fundraising, No prizes

Busters Rally – Madness to Monaco – 9th – 13th August: 6 weeks to go, £265 registration,
Prizes 1st £800, 2nd £350, 3rd £150, 4th £100, Daily Challenges £50

Sucata Rallies – Portugal, 22nd – 26th August: Cancelled??? £250 + £1250 Fundraising, No prizes

Ramshackle Rally – Valencia, 22nd – 26th August: 8 weeks to go, £350 registration, Trophies ONLY

Ramshackle Rally – Split, 29th August – 3rd September: 9 weeks to go, £350 registration,
Trophies ONLY

Cosmopolitan Classic, 30th August – 1st September: ONLY £150 Registration, 9 weeks to go –
NO Deadline, 1st £1000, 2nd £600, 3rd £300, £100 Best Car

*Costs based on a full car of 4 participants

For more information follow