BOOM goes off with a BANG!!!

So last weekend saw Boom Banger Rally’s inaugural Cosmopolitan Classic, and what a Rally it was!

Although numbers weren’t quite as high as we would have liked, especially with three last minute drop outs, there was an important element of getting the Rally off the ground and established, and we certainly achieved that. Furthermore it definitely made for a more intimate event in which we all got to know each other and shared a great experience. Teams made their way to Rouen in Northern France on Thursday 29th August for registration at Highland’s Café Pub. It was a perfect venue, maybe too good when the self-serve cocktails came out! Documents checked, briefing done whilst enjoying a well-earned Hot Dog on us, and the teams settled in to get to know each other and to share some of their stories of their chosen bangers and journeys so far!

Is that really a good idea?

Is that really a good idea?

Day One, and our first chance to see the whole field, started with a parade lap round the local supermarket car park! There were some great efforts made for both car decoration and team fancy dress. There was also some pain after the previous night’s excesses, particularly for a certain Crocodile!

11 Oh there's the other one, confirmation it definitely wasn't a good idea 18 Jungle Fever & The 3 Amigos

Our first leg was to Le Mans. Owing to the frailty of some jungle animals and Mexicans, and the resulting need for a BIG hearty breakfast, as well as some Sat Nav teething issues for one or two others, we did wonder whether anyone was going to make it at one point but sure enough they rolled in one by one! Everyone enjoyed a look round the fantastic museum, grabbed more coffee, and then had a few laps round the public roads section of the 24hr circuit. The Yellow Peril up front appeared to be driving a tactical race, concentrating not so much on speed, but more on avoiding being overtaken!

29 Alternative starting grid, no thanks

It was then on to Paris for the Daily Challenge. Time in Paris was cut a little due to the slip in timings meaning the teams needed to be even more like Anneka Rice as they legged it round collecting items, taking specific photos and completing a number of tie break style challenges. All this with an eye on the clock to return to their cars in Versailles before the deadline.

33 And the challenges 35

Teams finished in Beaune, the capital of the Burgundy Region where once again we listened to stories of the day, this time enjoying some local wine on the terrace of Le Bout de Monde, ‘the End of the World!’ Despite a few bits dropping off here and there, and holes in exhausts, thankfully it wasn’t quite that bad for any of our teams! Fortune favours the brave?! Day Two was the big Alps day, some fantastic driving and awesome scenery. Teams enjoyed lunch at Lake Annecy, and tested their spluttering cars on both the Grand and Petit St Bernard passes! The challenge today was a little less full on as we didn’t want anyone falling off a cliff, but infinitely more hilarious. Passing through three different Countries, they were tasked with filming a two minute video depicting stereotypical life in each one of the three, France, Switzerland and Italy. There was everything from French avant-garde to chaotic scenes of Italian pizza making/fighting, some of the footage priceless!

41 44

Teams arrived into Val D’Isere that evening to a hearty meal at ‘Le Salon de Fous’, some continuing the stereotype theme and choosing an amazing fondue. Then to our party venue ‘XV’ where we’d even set up the Xbox on the big screen for some Rally gaming action!

51 Val D'Isere 52 A great reward

Coming round so quickly, the final day took us out of the mountains and down to the Med! What better? There were still some fantastic passes including the Col D’Iseran at 2770m and the Col de Tende to contend with before we got our first glimpse of the Sea. Then to the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo to park next to Lambourghini and rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

55 Towards the Pass 79

The challenge today really did test the imagination. Driving above the snow line, amazing at the height of summer, teams were required to make a ‘snowman’ and take him with them on their journey! There were a couple of real snow efforts whilst others bought up Val D’Isere’s cotton wool stock and one team even dressed up one of their members! The idea was to make his very own holiday photo album to include pictures on a yacht in Monaco harbour, in the Casino and on the beach!

69 Meanwhile inside 73 On the beach

Leaving here teams embarked on the final drive along the Cote D’Azur to take the chequered flag at ‘Sports 11’ bar on the main Promenade D’Anglais in Nice. That night we took the party to Checkpoint Pub where complimentary Cosmopolitan Cocktails were served and the all important trophies and prizes were awarded…

The Podium

1st It’s Not What It Looks Like £1000
2nd Jungle Fever £600
3rd Yellow Peril £300
Best Car It’s Not What It Looks Like £100

78 The Podium15 It's not what it looks like

We’d like to say a huge thanks to all who took part! Everyone really did embrace the true spirit of the ‘Banger Rally!’ You guys made it what it was; a great bunch of people having fun in some of Europe’s best locations! Oh and maybe with an added touch of competitiveness! I’m sure you’ll agree many of you now have a new addiction! So we now look forward in earnest to 2014.

  • Boom launch ‘The Marrakech Express’ at Easter, 12th to 17th April. Travel to Africa in a car worth £250!

12th April: Registration Day in Reims
13th April: Reims to Millau
14th April: Millau to Barcelona (via Andorra in the Pyrenees)
15th April: Barcelona to Alicante
16th April: Alicante to Gibraltar
17th April: Gibraltar to Marrakech

We already have 3 confirmed bookings for Marrakech from our teams this time, Jungle Fever in particular are one hoping to go one step further and win!

  • Then of course there’ll be the follow up Cosmopolitan Classic in August, 15th to 17th TBC.
  • Plans are also advanced for a third route for September/October so watch this space!

All details will be published at towards the end of September.