Boom Bangs the African Drum

Teams set off on Boom Banger Rally’s inaugural Marrakech Express at Easter and what a Rally it was!

Despite it not being a requirement, one of the biggest successes was teams raising almost £18,000 for various charities!

Cars worth less than £250 and their crazy owners travelled from far and wide to the start line at Reims, France where the Rally was launched from the very apt Reims Gueux Grand Prix Pit Buildings. The teams all made such a fantastic effort pimping their rides, and lining up on the grid cars included; a dog, a cow, a pirate ship, a Jamaican bobsleigh,  the Royal Carriage, an Egyptian Pyramid complete with Mummy, Indiana Jones and even Lightning McQueen, amongst many others!

Although largely British based, there was a French team and even a team from Sweden who had to drive more than 1500km just to get to the start!

And one 18 year old participant had only passed his driving test 9 days beforehand!

We also had Boom veterans back, this time as Pirates. After finishing on the podium in The Cosmo ’13 they were hoping to go a step further.

We set off and on day one passed through some spectacular scenery in France’s best wine regions as we headed to Millau, famous for the amazing Millau Viaduct. Obviously there was the necessary madcap daily challenge en route before we all met up in a local bar that evening to swap stories over a well earned beer!

Day two was on to Barcelona, with a slight detour into The Pyrenees via Andorra! The scenery and the driving got even better, taking in some challenging hairpins on the mountain roads and getting well above the snow line. Some couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a dip in one of the stunning mountain lakes, while others built a snowman! We finished the day in a bar on the beach – how’s that for variety!

After a not so relaxing morning and whistle stop tour of Barcelona, day three was a coastal drive to Alicante, and this time a bar by the beautiful Marina.

We completed our journey through Europe on day four as we arrived in Gibraltar. Some of the teams took the option to scrap their cars here before continuing on to Marrakech on our organised coaches, so we bid a sad farewell to their cars with a photo shoot in front of the Rock! That evening there was a champagne reception and live band.

On the final day, we crossed into Africa. One team even managed to get the wrong ferry much to everyone else’s amusement! We had promised our teams they’d be immersed in African culture and it began with exactly that, Africa time! After suffering the ferry crossing and customs on the other side, the nine cars driving all the way and our coaches eventually made it to Marrakech and we set off straight into the Medina!

We ended a great event with our closing party and awards ceremony with trophies and prizes: £1000 to the winners, £600 for second, £300 for third and £100 for the best car. Prizes were also given for spirit of the Rally.

Team interaction is a very important part of our Rallies and we certainly achieved that. There was such a great group of people and everyone swapped contact details before parting ways. Many took advantage of staying in this exotic city for the Easter weekend before heading home.

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Boom Banger Rally’s next event is The Cosmopolitan Classic, 22nd – 24th August. Otherwise you can wait until next year to do the Marrakech Express 28th March – 2nd April. Now we have Europe and Africa covered, we will also be launching a new route to Istanbul in 2015 – the Asian gateway to our World domination!

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